Recruitment Requirements

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Recruitment Requirements

Post  Saaladin on 13th August 2008, 13:48

About Our Guild
1) We are casual/raiding, meaning we understand that RL comes first and we will not harass people to play longer hours. We show up to kick ass when we raid though.
2) We raid about 3 nights a week, when time and numbers permit. Start time is usually 6:30 server.
3) Progression: Currently in Karazhan and the beginning of ZA, and ready to move forward.

Current Class Openings
*Note that even a Low rating has room for exceptional players
Druid - Low
Hunter - High
Mage - Low
Paladin - High
Priest - Low (shadow only)
Rogue - Medium
Shaman - Low (Resto only)
Warlock - Low
Warrior - Low (Prot only)

General Requirements
1) Level 70.
2) Ventrillo. You do not need a mic, but many of us use it, so you'll need to be able to hear.
3) Omen add on:
4) Deadly Boss Mod:

Officers to contact
If you need to contact us in game for more information, our officers are:
Zaria - Guild Leader


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