Explaination for Registering

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Explaination for Registering

Post  Saaladin on 18th June 2008, 12:00

Well, it's recently occurred to me that our website setup may be somewhat confusing to most users. So I'm going to post an explanation that will hopefully clear up any problems that some users may be having with the registration process for the forums.

Jecs hosts a website called www.dh-heretics.com. He has had this site for awhile now, and it's where we initially congregated when we started Heretics back up on Doomhammer.

Heretics.userboard.net is just a forum that I took the liberty of managing (myself and my old roommate actually) because Jecs was not around when we first started.


The confusion comes from the fact that since I'm lazy, I haven't made a website that is all encompassing yet, and located in the same place. So to alleviate confusion, and allow people to still find out what we were up to, Jecs got rid of the forums that were associated with the dh-heretics.com website and linked linked it to heretics.userboard.net. This allowed old members who were aware of the dh-heretics.com website to still contact us and see what we were up to.

So here's the deal. If you are on the forums from the www.dh-heretics.com website, when you go to view the forums, frame is redirected to heretics.userboard.net. This is confusing because there is a separate (and now unnecessary) login database associated with dh-heretics.com, and since they're two different websites, the databases are not contiguous.

What to do now that I may have completely confused you? When registering for the FORUMS (which is the only thing you need to register for), either visit heretics.userboard.net OR make sure that if you're going through dh-heretics.com, you click on the forums tab, and use the login link that comes up with the forum page, otherwise you'll be registering in the wrong database.

If you're just completely confused by what I'm saying, here's what you do - just go to heretics.userboard.net to register for the forums.

Questions? Comments? Insults? A combination of the three? Post here, or e-mail me at Shiftyshell128@gmail.com.

- Saal

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